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VHS to DVD advertisement

This is an advertisement i made for my father, who converts peoples old homevideos to dvd. I spend quite some time setting up this scene. I have never made anything like this before. rendering all 836 frames took nearly 23 hours on a core duo 2 ghz.
the "story" is pretty self explanatory. dvd's kick vhs's butt. the magic of homevideos gets transferred to the dvd. bowling is fun. and you get a nice spiffy looking cover, yay!

hope you enjoy it. i do! :)

(raytracing and 8 sample motion blur eats little cpu's for breakfast)

wapko's couch v 1.0

This is a Blender rendering of a couch I have designed. I am actually thinking about building it. This is a "walk around" in a chopped version of my appartment. I have also included the projector screen i will be building. its 100" in 16:9 format that should fit nicely with my sanyo plv z3 projector.

(and yes, i need to work on those camera animation skills :D)