about wapko.dk

who is wapko:

my name is Casper Sørensen, a 32 year old guy/geek from Denmark. I have a great interest in computers and technology in general. I call myself a casual graphic "designer". I like webdesign too, i try to keep up with the latest buzz. I have a basic understanding of programming as well. I've recently dived into the whole arduino craze. though I'm using teensy boards instead. Don't take anything found on these pages too seriously though, I'm prone to sarcasm. (more to come..)

what is wapko.dk:

wapko.dk is my personal website. it is my personal playground on the internet. where i can ramble about stuff I find interesting. where i can put up galleries with pictures if i feel like it. play around with dynamic web content(php). and hopefully learn something in the process.


I love opensource. I use a great deal of OS apps. like audacity, openoffice, blender.


I have been playing with photoshop on/off for roughly 10 years. I'm crazy about computer graphics and have been following a lot of online tutorials in my early photoshop days. I still find interesting photoshop tips around the internet in an attempt to keep up to date on the latest tricks. I don't have as much time as I'd like to have for playing around in photoshop..


I'm a rookie in this program, but I have still managed to come up with a couple of lucky scenes. unfortunately, I dont have the spare time to emerge into this wonderful application. I am amazed at some of the works I have seen browsing http://blenderartists.org.

sites i frequently visit:

digg.com, newz.dk, slashdot.org, engadget.com, hak5.org, revision3.com blenderartists.org, EBAY, eb.dk and of course google.com.


Asus ul30vt. this is an awesome machine! vdpau and stuff :D

Intel Q9559@3.6ghz, gtx260 216, samsung 2443bw.

Dell XPS m1710, my main pc. <-- now retired, the gfx card in this quit on me. would get a new gfx card but theyre SO expensive on ebay. so, I've spend almost some 200$ on a new gfx card, which died not even 30 days after i got it.. but i fixed it. DIY bga reflow actually worked.

an intel D945GCLF2D/Ubuntu based NAS, would have liked the fanless D510MO board. but it wasn't out when i wanted a nas.

Acer Travelmate 8103, i use this for tv shows and movies. My son plays wow on this :P this is working intermittently, but i do use it from time to time.

Sanyo plv z3, my wonderful projector. <-- another lamp bites the dust.. wondering if i should throw in another one or buy a big ass led tv instead.

HTC hero, great phone. android is kickass.