WHOA!. update

So, no netbook. I spend a little extra on an asus ul30vt, and it is amazing. much more power than an atom would have been able to deliver.
keyboard is a little plastic'ey, and the touchpad is very sensitive in ubuntu. and i would have liked a higher resolution on the screen, but that would have really cost me. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

so, i joined a hackerspace in aa. hal9k, they're good guys(i think ;P) go check out the site. we're currently homeless, but we have plans, ingenious plans. :P So, if anybody is actually reading this and have an interrest in hacking. please drop by.

ohh, and I started playing with microcontrollers. currently only avr's, arduino based teensy boards to be exact, and a little attiny 2313/45.

psst! i really need to get off my ass and integrate this design into some wordpress or other webthingy. methinks editing code every update is getting stoopid. maybe thats why updates are few and far between..

testing swype on android

I just tried a beta of swype on my htc hero, and I must say it is pure awesome!
text entry is SO FAST, i mix danish and english alot, so it has some misses.
i've tried it now, theres no turning back ! :D

update overdue, atom ion netbook, opera mini 5

oh man, i really thought i would update my site more often that i actually do. just recently turned 31. gratz for me ?

that ion netbook i wanted is on the market in denmark now, its the asus eee 1201n. it is EXACTLY what i wanted. to bad i have other priorities concerning cash flow atm.

i have the htc hero android phone, and the built-in browsers windows(tabs) capabilities are slow and leave a lot to be desired. so i thought i would give the opera mini 5 beta a try. what a difference. it is really fast. this speedup is because opera mini uses opera.com's servers to do the heavy lifting. they convert images to lower quality to minimize bandwidth, and it makes a world of difference for mobile browsing. so if your phone can run the new opera mini, give it a try. you will love it.

waiting for ION netbooks, and Ctrl-Fn > Fn-Ctrl

after having owned the eee 900 for some time now. i can definately attest to the usefullness of netbooks. having said that, they are obviously lacking in the graphics department. so after the ion netbook was announced(specifically the lenovo s12), i clapped my geeky hands with joy. then it occured to me that lenovo is one of those company that seems to think the 'Fn' key should come before 'Ctrl'.. which will NEVER work for me.

so i may want to prepare myself with some patience until the right ION netbook appears on the market. and living in denmark, that may be a while..
will a decently priced dual core atom netbook ever become available ?

asus eeepc 900 16g

so, I've bought an eeepc 900 16gb, its the only eeepc model available in Denmark as of now, and its great. I love the small form factor. downsides on this machine are, the 16gb model only has slow ssd, theres no built in 4 gb superfast ssd. and the battery is only 4400 mah, which is significantly less than models in other countries. no worries though, it fits perfectly for my use. browsing, word processing, media player and as a small trusty sidekick whereever I go :)

first thing I did was, order a touchscreen kit from fido-dido on ebay and install it. works flawlessly. there are so many mods I want to do on this machine, but I need to not overdo it and think about the practicality of the mods. I tend to go way overboard on things like this. wish me luck ;)

if you ever get an eeepc, eeeuser.com is a must. so much information on these little machines.

blender for the win

I've been staying at my fathers for some time now. he converts peoples homevideos to dvd and had asked me to make an advertisement he could put on those dvds. he had previously just made some scrolling text in nero.
I used blender for this project. beeing new to animation and all, i think i pulled it off quite alright.

take a look in my showroom. hope you enjoy it. i do! :)

little update :-)

so, floodie , a friend of mine, got his hands on an old laptop, a hp pavilion zv5000. the power connector in the laptop had broken. he had asked me to fix it. so I took it apart, desoldered the broken power connector and found another connector I could use. not the same connector though. so theres a wire with the new connector sticking out the back. it has life again.
furthermore, I have actually started working on my couch project. I bought some materials and I am are slowly starting to put something together. still need to purchase some more materials though. this project maybe a bit more complicated than first assumed. but i shall overcome :P

site will be done soonTM

so, the files section got renamed to showroom, this is where the stuff I make gets put on display.
i still need to make that sidebar. I'm thinking, a latest gallery addition thumbnail and a latest showroom addition thumbnail. we'll see if i come up with something more.
until next time, take care :D

wapko.dk version 2.0 is up!

finally! i got my act together and made a decent design for my website. It had an image in the frontpage stating it was undergoing cosmetic surgery for 3 years now. yeah, I'm surprised as well.
This is just a small personal site though. with a little blog(I don't feel like sharing everything :D ), a gallery for putting up random images. the files section may be changed to something else(showroom perhaps), we'll have to see about that.
anyway, enjoy your stay.